Add Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life

Every Member is unique why choose Health House?

  • Assess

    Assess your current health & wellbeing through our comprehensive Personal Wellness Profile (PWP).
  • Discover

    Discover the implications of your PWP. This empowers you to identify and understand your specific health needs.
  • Educate

    Once needs and goals have been identified, you will be supported in achieving your objectives and recommendations. Learn how to meet your targets.
  • Motivate

    Wellness is everyday not just one day. Health House will keep you motivated and engaged throughout the year.
  • Habits

    Health House is an on-going programme to help you develop the positive habits necessary to lead a healthy life full of energy and happiness.
  • Measure

    Measure your lifestyle regularly to ensure that you are on track to enjoy your life to the full.
Personal 6 Steps Ebook


Comprehensive Health Risk
14 page personalised wellness report
Wellness Score
Health Age assessed
Library of videos to explain your personal wellness report
Suite of On-line courses for the most common lifestyle changes
Monthly Newsletters
Monthly challenges
On-line portal of over 3,000 articles on health and wellbeing

Privacy Statement


How much does Health Cost?
The annual subscription to Health House is €60 per annum. This will provide you with a Personal Wellness Profile and continual updates on how to improve your lifestyle.
There is a discounted two year membership for €100.
I have a voucher, how do I avail of it?
As part of the registration process you will have the ability to enter your voucher code. This will reduce the price accordingly.
What do I need to register?
You will be asked for your height, weight, gender and contact number. For your security we will use your email address as your membership and will also ask you to provide a password.
Payment will be through PayPal.
How can I organise a programme with my work colleagues?
Health House provide corporate wellness programmes from companys’ with 10 employees to 5,000. We can design a programme around each organisations size, requirements and budget. Just ask your manager to contact us at
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