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Top Six Action Points for Your Health and Wealth in 2018

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 28-Feb-2018 17:03:25

So how are your resolutions going? Are you keeping them up or have they being forgotten?
Either way, do not give up on 2018!

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Making Mindfulness Work In Your Business

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 23-Jan-2018 09:46:05

The pressure of an "always on" culture has led organisations introduce mindfulness into the workplace.
Some of the many reasons driving this are...

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World Mental Health Week

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 11-Oct-2017 15:56:12

We spend more than half of our waking hours in work, so how can we make sure it's a place conducive to good mental health?
See 12 tips suggested by Mental Health Ireland...

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New study - middle age office workers as sedentary as pensioners

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-July-2017 17:30:08

The Irish Times today has called on office workers to 'Quit the Sit'. This comes as new research reveals that middle-aged office workers move less during the week than pensioners. The University of Edinburgh researchers have called for urgent change.

What can you do for your employees in your building?

Read our partner StepJockey's exclusive Q&A with the study's author.

Launch of New Wellness Portal to Help Irish Businesses Support the Healthy Ireland Framework

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 20-Mar-2017 12:52:55

The Healthy Ireland framework was created and with strategic partnerships with organisations like Fusion HR, tools and programmes are available to help people and organisations improve physical and mental health and wellbeing...

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Six Steps to Achieve Those New Year Resolutions

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 30-Dec-2016 16:50:22

How can you achieve your 2017 resolutions?
As we head into 2017 many people will review their lifestyle. The start of a new year is always a time for resolutions and enthusiasm to better yourself.

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See the Back of High Absence

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 04-Nov-2016 14:56:13

How much does back pain cost your company?
Despite all the talk about stress, the number one cause for absence from work is musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain is the most common complaint within this group.

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Can I Act Like a Man?

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 29-Sept-2016 17:01:06

A while back I looked at my life and wondered is this what I am meant to do?
After I get up each morning, I sit in a car going to work, I sit at a desk at work, I sit in a car...

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Bone Up on Strategies to Prevent Osteoporosis

Posted by Conor Hoey on 01-Sept-2016 08:52:30

"I have fallen, and I can't get up."
This made-for-TV-product catchphrase raised awareness about seniors and the risk of falling. It also became an icon of pop culture spoofed in movies, TV shows, and comic strips. But it really isn’t a laughing matter...

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Who Is Responsible for Employee Health and Well-Being

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 28-June-2016 09:30:13

According to the CIPD, the health and well-being of people at work is one of the most important HR issues of our time. But who is responsible?

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How To Understand The Signals Your Body Is Telling You

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 13-June-2016 15:33:36

Nearly everything in our life tries to tell you when they are not well. A baby will cry, a dog will whimper and a car might splutter or feel sluggish...

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Free Template To Calculate The Cost Of Absenteeism

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-June-2016 12:17:22

Our Attendance Management Programme - AMP - delivers, on average, a 20% reduction in the cost of absence through providing Line Managers with the tools for a consistent, systematic and empathetic application of the clients absence policy.

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5 Ways How Line Managers Engage With Their Team

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 21-May-2016 14:14:13

No one can influence motivation, sense of belonging and emotional well-being as much as the boss. (Paul Keijzer)

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How HR Can Improve Resilience with Staff That Thrive Not Just Survive

Posted by Aaron Keegan on 10-May-2016 09:52:43

In this article we will look at how HR can improve resilience by recognising the different ways people respond to stress and change...

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