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For Your Organisation

HRA for your organisation

Health House enables businesses to establish a baseline for their population, develop programmes specific to their health risks in conjunction with employees' enthusiasm to change, and then measure the effectiveness of these programmes with hard data metrics.

Take a big step towards better health in your organisation! Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) will help you see how the lifestyle habits of your workforce impact the health and wellbeing of your company – both today and in the future.

Complement and enhance your organisation’s existing employee health and wellbeing initiatives in a cost effective and innovative way.

Talk to us and take that big step towards better health for your organisation!

What is Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

For those companies thinking of running a workplace health initiative, make sure you collect important information to ensure that your investment is appropriate, relevant and delivers a higher return on investment....

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For Your Workforce

When you complete the HRA, your own personal report is produced which identifies your specific risks across seven key health areas - Heart, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health...

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