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The Garage is an important part of life’s balance. It is where we do the activities we want to do for our own personal enjoyment. But it is more than that, it helps us rejuvenate and re-energise ourselves both physically and mentally.

The Garage is the link between your goals and your happiness.

There will be tips and suggestions for exercise that will help you achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself.

Exercises will be categorized into different levels of intensity allowing you to start at a pace that suits your current physical health. Pick something that you enjoy and will stimulate you both physically and mentally.

The Garage will encourage you to set short term goals and to track your performance towards attaining these goals. Set yourself a reward for reaching the goal but also a punishment if you miss!

We will discuss different body shapes with exercise and nutrition advice for your specific type.

The garage will encourage you identify activities that will complement your lifestyle goals and health objectives.