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We should work to live, not live to work.

The Study helps you map out and achieve your financial goals in conjunction with your health, happiness and lifestyle.

It helps you set your career objectives, introducing the concept of the Corporate Athlete to focus your energy on delivering the highest productivity when it matters most and getting those promotions or bonus.

There are tips on climbing the corporate ladder without falling victim to stress and balancing work with life for the enjoyment of both.

There are tools to help manage your family budget. Tips on how to make savings on every day items. How to deal with a large debt burden. It is important to be able to manage these items without going into work worrying and stressing about them. This will only minimise your productivity and reduce your opportunities to get that promotion or bonus.

Longer term financial planning tips are also provided. These will help ensure that you and your family are properly protected for any financial unexpected events or savings plans can be initiated as early as possible for children, education and pension.